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NOTE: Many thanks to George Metz for his tips on Roman Legions providing school visits.


Legion XI has made many visits to local schools, and some schools not so local, enhancing the learning experiences of students, young and old.  Teachers from other classes and even Principals, have often come-in to witness these "Show and Tell" presentations.  The students relish the opportunity to try on the helmets and form battle lines with the shields and engage in forming a "testudo" (turtle) formation, as was done by Roman Legionaries many centuries ago.  

The demonstration and lecture is done in period attire and deals with the life of the Roman soldier, the weapons he used, methods of battle and the origins and formations if the Roman Legions, as well as some discussion on the heritage of Ancient Rome to modern society.  Questions are answered and asked of the students during and after the session.  If time permits, the students may try on the helmets and armor.  


A minimum of one full class period of 50 minutes or more (preferably more) is required to do justice to the topic and to allow some time for questions and examination of the equipment.  Combining two class periods and/or class groups is suggested and recommended.  The lecture is most effective if the students have already studied Ancient Rome at least up through the Republican Period.  Some exposure to Latin is also beneficial. 

An auditorium, library area or large classroom with ample space in front or a "horseshoe" or "in the round" seating arrangement is recommended.  About twelve feet of table space or stage front is also requested for the display of the equipment.  The demonstration space should be available at least 30 minutes prior to the time of the demonstration to allow for the set-up and preparation of the displays, etc.  A number of available Roman Army Recruits (students) is always welcome to assist in moving the equipment to and from the presentation area.  Travel time to your location from Peachtree City, GA, and 30 minutes of set-up time should be considered in scheduling early morning presentations.  

PLEASE NOTE -The demonstration involves the display of real functional weapons of iron and steel.  You may want to advise your school office that such items are being brought onto the school property.  It will be the responsibility of the teacher requesting the presentation to make the school office aware of these items, and to obtain permission (preferably written) from any person or organization that requires such permission.

A donation to the Legion to offset fuel and time cost would be appreciated.

To request consideration, please use the contact form located on the CONTACT page of this site.

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